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The Papery

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Stationery » Genuine Sealing Wax - Assortment by the stick
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Genuine Sealing Wax vibrant colors holds a seal impression well.
Item Number: SealingWax

Traditional Sealing Wax with a wick

Easy and safe to use.

Our Sealing Wax has been made by Scottish artisans for over 250 years, and is still made in the same tradition and methods of yesteryear. Our Genuine Sealing Wax distinguishes itself from other plasticized waxes by vibrant colors and glossy appearance. Only true Sealing Wax holds a seal impression well. We have now also added a flex agent, to make it as flexible as possible, without sacrificing the fact that it is, and will always be, Genuine Sealing Wax.

All traditional wax sticks are 4˝ long - 12 to 15 average size impressions per stick. Sticks sold Separately.

Colors available include;

Gold, Silver Copper, Red, Burgandy, Navy, Forest, Pearl, Black.

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If you require additional information: Send an eMail to the Vendor for more information.